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Behind your knitwear

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Meet Jenny

Hello, my name is Jenny and I am behind the Little Brown Bird Co. I’m based in a little work shop just outside Caernarfon in this beautiful corner of North Wales.

I really enjoy working with natural fibre and the earthy tones that it provides - From the muted mustards to the undyed Herdwick sheeps wool that I use in my bobble hats. A lot of my pattern inspiration comes from the natural world and my time spent outdoors.

I use a 1980's domestic punch card knitting machine to create all of my knitwear. I personally knit, link, stamp, sew and pack each individual item.

I carefully source the materials I use. My Superfine lambs wool and Merino wool is from sheep raised in the Southern hemisphere. The climate allows for a finer fleece to ensure a beautifully soft finish. Their fleeces are then spun and dyed at mills in Yorkshire and in Scotland.


Naturally Dyed Welsh Wool

After nearly 2 years in the making, my first naturally dyed Welsh wool knitwear is here!

From sourcing the wool to growing the dye plants, this has definitely been a labour of love. You can currently find a range of snoods and headbands dyed using Madder, Chamomile, Woad and Coreopsis amongst other things.


Hats will be on the way very soon!

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