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Behind your knitwear

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Meet Jenny

Hello, my name is Jenny and I am behind the Little Brown Bird Co. I’m based in a little work shop just outside Caernarfon in this beautiful corner of North Wales.

I really enjoy working with natural fibre and the earthy tones that it provides - From the muted mustards to the undyed Herdwick sheeps wool that I use in my bobble hats. A lot of my pattern inspiration comes from the natural world and my time spent outdoors.

I use a 1980's domestic punch card knitting machine to create all of my knitwear. I personally knit, link, stamp, sew and pack each individual item.

I carefully source the materials I use. My Superfine lambs wool and Merino wool is from sheep raised in the Southern hemisphere. The climate allows for a finer fleece to ensure a beautifully soft finish. Their fleeces are then spun and dyed at mills in Yorkshire and in Scotland.


Supporting British farming is something I truly believe in and I have spent many years trialing British grown wool. You can now find 100% British wool products that are a pleasure to wear online too. 

100% Welsh Wool

A very exciting development for 2021 is the introduction of my new 100% Welsh Wool hats. These hats a knit from Welsh Mule which is achieved by crossing a Welsh hill sheep with a Blue Faced Leicester to improve the fibre quality. The wool is sourced from sheep who live out their lives in Mid Wales and has a beautiful finish that is a joy to wear.


I'm currently working on introducing my own range of naturally dyed, Welsh wool knitwear... it is an ongoing process but I'm hoping to have the first hats ready for sale in autumn 2023.

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